Paper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable

Paper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable

Paper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable

Paper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable
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Paper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable


Paper Plate Machine with no Wastage from FLYCUPS. The Machine is Equipped with SERVO and CAM System and Superior Automation System that Makes Movements more Efficient. The FLYCUPS Machine is fully Automatic and Equipped with Fault Detection Systems thanks to Sensors at all Stages of Paper Cup Manufacturing Process, so that waste is minimized.

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Plate Size
7 cm - 9 cm


Electronic Control
PLC Controller

Technical Specifications

FlyCups SKUFCP-40
NamePaper Plate Machine 40 Plate per Min Extremely Stable
Max. Capacity2 HEAD  : 40 Plate/Min
Standart Working Speed1 HEAD : 20 Plate/Min
Required Paper200-350 gsm single side PE coated paper
Cups Size  7  - 9 cm
*It should be specified at the time of the order.
Machine ControlMicro Computer and Touch Screen
Electronic ControlPLC Controller
Base Paper FeedingMechanical System
Power380V 50HZ 10KW
Air Supply RequirementAPPROX. 0.8 M2/MIN AT 5 KG/CM2
Working System of the MachineCam System is used in the machine and all movements are made more efficient. Thanks to the superior automation system in the machine, the waste rate has been reduced to a minimum
Transfer SystemAutomatic Counting and Transfer
Machine Weight1500 kg
Machine Size300 cm x 180 cm x 190 cm
Error Detection SystemOptical Sensors
Fault DetectionCamera System (Optional)
StandardsCE standard
Why should you buy a Paper Plate Machine from FLYCUPS?
We understand all your problems with other machines due to the long experience of our engineers. Using artificial intelligence techniques, we reach with you the highest profitability. Your customers will be satisfied with our Defect Detection Systems. Avoid wastage thanks to automatic machine stop system. Work without stop thanks to the weekly and monthly FLYCUPS Periodic Remote Performance Monitoring System.
The budget for the paper plate production project is relatively acceptable. The paper plate production project is one of the best small businesses that make profits in 2022. The sizes and graphics drawn on the paper plates vary according to the country and region in which its manufactured, and this gives flexibility in marketing to customers in your region according to the sizes and special drawings they request.
Paper materials are easier to print than plastic. Paper plates are healthy and do not contain carcinogens or harmful to human health, unlike plastic plates. The budget of the paper plate machine is relatively reasonable while the plastic plate machines require a large capital.
The paper cup machine takes an average of 6 square meters, but you need additional space to store paper and ready-made cups. We recommend that the working and warehouse space should be at least 40 square meters.
FLYCUPS paper cup machines consume approximately 4 to 6 kilowatts of electrical energy.
The paper plates project is one of the best small projects that make profits according to the statistics of 2022. You need to determine the most popular plate sizes and choose a good quality machine to produce the estimated number that your market needs. Purchasing the machine is the first and most important step in your project. Therefore, you should choose an acceptable quality machine with a real warranty and technical support in order to avoid a real loss in the case of the machine breaks down for a long time.

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Paper Plate Machine

Control System:

The machine has PLC control with error detection and optical sensor. The Touch Screen let you control all the production process from one Graphical interface.


The material of cup mold is reinforced iron instead of normal steel; thus, it’s enabling the machine to work long time without the need to re calibration of the moving parts like the legacy paper cup machine.

Changing Mold became Easier:

Additionally, changing molds is easier due to the well-designed parts of the machine that can be easily exchanged.

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